Alver Services offers high standard and quality services of professionals to exhibitions, meetings, parties, press conferences, concerts and any type of other event, we also take on assignments of more private character for private individuals.

NEW: We provide transport services/shipping of goods, equipment around Norway

Our staff consists of people with long experience within their respective professions, and cooperate, when necessary in the job, with the public in order to present a fully and satisfactory safety plan. We guarantee professional and discreet execution of all assignments. Alver Services provides services to private property, this also deals with the transport of short and longer distances where members of our staff follow sensitive packages/documents throughout the transport.


Our drivers is uniformed with suit and have complementary training and follow the company's guidelines in accordance with customer care and procedures. Our personnel undergo regular background checks and random toxicology tests, we do our utmost to ensure the best possible comfort.

Alver Services' main goal is to ensure the integrity and well-being of both customers and employees.

Our personnel have extensive experience in the restaurant, security, nightlife and transport industry and have many years of experience in delivering the best solutions to give you the best experience.

If you have any questions, please contact us.

Planning Companies

Alver Services offers complete planning and execution of any event the customer wants. We have personnel to meet most needs, including waiters, chefs, hosts, bartenders, drivers, both for private and public events.